The Trainers

As with every team, Van and Cathy excel not only by working together, but by bringing their own talents into the mix.

team Luse

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Great performance horses available!

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The Wins

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Teamwork is the key for success at Luse Horses Training Facility.

Van Luse and Cathy Woosley-Luse take teamwork up a notch by creating properly trained performance horses and aritculating their methods to their non pro clients to keep the trophies coming to their barn.

Van & Cathy Luse – Luse Horses

Working together and critiquing each other, Van and Cathy excel at meeting any new goal. At Luse Horses you get a team. Cathy and Van see things from every perspective, horsemanship and horse maneuvers nothing gets missed. Working together the customer gets a complete understandable picture, where no question is unanswered.

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